TRACtion Americana is the premiere radio and industry digital delivery service for Americana artists and is a sanctioned strategic partner of the Americana Music Association.

Empowering Artist Careers

For 27 years CDX Nashville has been servicing new music to radio on behalf of our clients.  Through our strategic partnership with the Americana Music Association, we are proud to now be working with, and empowering, the great artists of Americana music.  We want to be more than just an Americana digital music delivery service.  We want to be your marketing partner through value-added benefits such as servicing artist liners to radio and engaging with and promoting our Americana clients via social media.

Probably the strongest empowerment tool we offer is our airplay monitoring service TRACtion Americana.  Our overall objective with TRACtion Americana is to provide record labels, booking agents, managers, publicists, and artists – everyone in the Americana music industry – with immediate actionable data based on real airplay that will empower everyone in the business to formulate targeted and focused marketing and promotion plans.

We are truly proud of our strategic partnership with the Americana Music Association.  We are honored to support and contribute to their stated range of objectives which foster and encourage an environment dedicated to long-term growth and creating continually expanding opportunities at artistic as well as financial levels.  We believe the monitored airplay data generated from TRACtion Americana will be an empowering new instrument for the industry.

What are the benefits of using CDX for digital music delivery?

Founded in 1991, CDX is the heritage music delivery service for artists who want a trusted name and brand to send their music to radio. TRACtion Americana digitally distributes new music through our proprietary InstaTrack download delivery system to hundreds of recipients including 81 Americana stations (all reporters are serviced), non-com stations, as well as the industry’s press, taste-makers movers and shakers. Your music will also be sent to the international broadcasters we service.

The benefits of using CDX and TRACtion Americana to distribute your music to radio are:

  • Extensive distribution via your own individual and personalized digital e-blast to all Americana radio stations, non-coms, industry executives and international broadcasters serviced by CDX.
  • As a TRACtion Americana client your tracks remain in perpetuity in our extensive music catalog and download center database for programmers to have at their fingertips.
  • We will include on your e-blast any radio liners you record and send to us.
  • Engagement with our clients on social media in an effort to help them promote their career.

Our digital distribution prices are as follows:

  • $150 for TRACtion Americana digital delivery of a single track
  • $225 for TRACtion Americana digital delivery of an album (up to 45 minutes)
  • $300 for TRACtion Americana digital delivery of an album (45:01 minutes or over)

All assets for digital delivery can be uploaded via the artist and label upload button below.

What are the benefits of subscribing to TRACtion Americana?

The benefits of the data supplied by TRACtion Americana are numerous. If you are an artist, manager or agent, just think how beneficial it would be to know what stations are playing your music (and what time of day it’s being played!) so that you can make more informed marketing, promotion and touring decisions.

Through TRACtion’s unique, user-friendly interface that is sortable by stations or individual songs, customizable reports are exportable for your use in sharing them with business associates.  Reports which can be run include:

  • Airplay by artist
  • Airplay by song
  • Airplay by station
  • Airplay within a specified date range
  • Airplay by day part
  • Airplay by city and state
  • Airplay by sales market

Simply put, TRACtion Americana is a tool that can help artists develop their career in a smart, focused manner.  It will enable artists, labels, managers, publicists, and booking agents to sustain their careers and make money.

Some FAQs

For a song to be monitored and tracked for the Americana Music Association airplay chart it has to be fingerprinted and uploaded into the TRACtion Americana database. There are two ways for this to happen.  If you use CDX and TRACtion Americana to digitally service your music to radio and industry, your tracks are automatically fingerprinted and uploaded. 

If you choose to service your tracks to radio and industry through someone else, the AMA still needs your music ingested and fingerprinted for the chart.  In this case, you need to contact Michele Rhoades at

As a client of TRACtion Americana, we digitally distribute your music to Americana and non-com stations, as well as music industry and radio executives. You also receive the benefits listed above.

Fingerprinting is the part of the methodology used by TRACtion to monitor the airplay on your track.  Therefore, if you use someone else to send your tracks to radio for airplay, you will still need to send the AMA your music for fingerprinting in order for airplay on your tracks to be monitored for the chart.


Still have questions?  Contact:
Joe Kelly | | 615-292-0123 ext 1
Mark Piland | | 615-292-0123 ext 2